Optimize Employee Well-being 

Your employees are all unique and so are their health and wellness goals!

Personalized wellness with 12 Weeks to Wellness Coaching

12 Weeks to Wellness has been delivering exceptional wellness coaching for over 20 years

Do you want a more engaged and productive workforce?

See how our wellness coaching and programming can help you optimize your team’s health and well-being for increased productivity, connection and reduced turn-over.

We partner with Corporations, Employee Assistance Providers and Wellness and Insurance Brokers.

We deliver proven, results driven, online and telephonic nutrition, health and wellness coaching that empowers employees to fulfill their personal and professional potential. 

Our services are effective and sustainable and can be customized to match your organization’s mission, vision and corporate culture for better engagement.


Workplace Health & Wellness



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Wellness initiatives can play a vital role in your company’s engagement strategy and overall objectives, having a positive effect on recruitment, retention, performance and connection.

Cultivating employee wellbeing together

All-in-One Wellness Solution!

Implement your complete wellness strategy – your way.

Our Wellness Portal is an award-winning all-in-one wellness platform. On this portal we offer individuals a comprehensive user-friendly dashboard with comprehensive assessments, individual and group coaching, goal setting tools, activity tracking apps and devices, targeted communications, self-directed change programs, team and individual challenges and a flexible wellness library.

*Mobile web app available

The programs offer support for individuals and work teams alike and offer a fun and inclusive way to generate feelings of teamwork, even when physically separated. 

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Benefits of Coaching

Download our FREE white paper to find out how impactful and important coaching can be and how we significantly reduced perceived stress and increased well-being in a regional health authority.

Increasing employees’ resiliency and self-confidence through health and wellness coaching

Over the past 20 years we have helped 1000’s of people achieve their wellness and health goals, fulfilling their personal and professional potential through our proven wellness and nutrition coaching services. 

We continuously tailor our coaching and wellness services using best practices and up to date research to help us stay on top of industry trends and optimizing the client experience.

Coaching has been shown to help individuals feel more empowered and in control of their lives and their well-being. Coaching can also help boost worker’s levels of internal resources to help them manage stress.

*12 Weeks to Wellness Coaching Pilot White Paper

We offer nutrition and wellness coaching in a one on one and group format


Creating Lasting Change and
Employee Engagement

Group Coaching

Our online group coaching programs are designed to help employees create a solid foundation for lasting change in a safe and supportive group environment.


Health and Wellness Coaching

Individual Coaching

Our wellness and nutrition coaching is provided by certified coaches and registered dietitians.

[My coach] has changed my life. Her additional resources and suggestions with planned follow up has made a difference and I have greater success than ever before. [my coach] was able to provide what I needed and focus me on to step wise success. I am indebted to her for her professionalism and tailoring my program. 

The 12 Weeks to Wellness Approach

Our services are personalized and comprehensive well-being and “whole health” lifestyle change programs with a focus on supporting shifts in key habits, behaviors, lifestyle patterns and beliefs using valuable tools and proven coaching techniques.

Our coaching focuses on achieving small, incremental goals based on the individual’s readiness, values, beliefs, pace, tolerance to change and priorities.

If your company is interested in creating a Workplace Wellness Program that gets people engaged, excited, and enjoying better health, 12 Weeks to Wellness can help.